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The future of engineered polymerases

Missed the live Select Science webinar with Dr Kevin Eboigbodin and Professor Andreas Marx on the future of engineered polymerases?

Watch the full webinar, watch bite size videos or listen to the podcast. Supporting your educational needs – we IVDo that!

Zeroing the step of quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-qPCR) (08:30)

Watch this video from Dr Kevin Eboigbodin, PhD, MBA Senior Director, Molecular Diagnostic Reagents discussing how our unique enzyme solutions can help accelerate test development


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Shaping DNA polymerases for advanced applications (16:21)

Watch this video from Professor Andreas Marx, Full Professor for Organic Chemistry/Cellular Chemistry at University of Konstanz, Germany discussing advanced applications, including COVID-19 diagnostics

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Q&A: How much time can the zero step save? (00:36)

Q&A: Is the zero step process unique?     (00:40)

Full webinar (35:42)

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Novel thermostable, DNA polymerases

that improve qRT-PCR or genotyping assays 

Volcano3G® 2x Master Mix

HiDi® Taq DNA Polymerase and Taq 2X PCR Master Mix

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